Akasaka teaches drawing and printmaking in art colleges and runs art and meditation workshops in community settings. She has been meditating for 25 years and sees this as integral to her art practice. Workshops she has led include an Arts and Health project for women in East London, art and meditation for people working in the arts in North Karelia, Finland, arts retreats, and life drawing with meditation classes. She also teaches drawing for the City Literary Institute in London and also at Avain Taide in Helsinki. She is a member of Helsinki Artists Association.


3 July- 3 August 2013
Koli Open studio with Leena JärvaKolmen GaleriaKoli N Karelia, Finland 

 August 8 and 9th 2013 6-9pm
Life Class
Drop in-style life drawing class
City Literary Institute London Holborn tube


 Five thursdays starting Sep 26, 2-5pm
Drawing the Line
Life drawing using a practical and philosophical approach 

 Four sundays starting Sep 29, 10.30-4.30pm
Sunday Life Drawing City Lit  

to enrol visit www.citylit.ac.uk